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About Aravind SA

There’s funny, and then there’s SA funny. From modest beginnings in Chennai, Aravind SA’s wit and self-deprecatory humour have conspired to make him a popular standup comedian not just in the South, but across the country. It was always on the cards, we suppose, given that his very first standup comedy video in 2013 went viral, resulting in a whole culture of people embracing the catchline, “I was not ready da”. No prizes for guessing what SA called his second show.

In a society of engineers and doctors (if you’re from the South, you know what we’re talking about), perhaps Aravind’s biggest achievement is showing that a career can be made out of doing standup comedy too. It wasn’t easy though, given that the field wasn’t too encouraging of comedians from the South. Not too long ago, he began the standup revolution in South India at dingy pubs and sparsely filled clubs. As they say, good jokes, like viruses, are infectious, and once they went viral, before SA knew it, he was performing sold-out shows at fancy auditoriums.

SA’s popularity isn’t just limited to India… mainly because Indians aren’t just limited to India. So, he’s toured the United States and performed 29 shows in over 25 cities.Where else are Indians at? Singapore? Australia? UK? Dubai? Yes, he’s performed to sold out shows in all of those places too.

No surprises then when Amazon Prime (you have a good talent spotting team, Amazon!) picked SA to be among the 10 standup comedians whose shows it carried as one-hour specials. If you didn’t get enough of SA at the shows, you could now catch him on desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets… you get the idea. His Amazon show was chosen by Film Companion to be among the top 4 standup specials to come out that year. Even the world-renowned Huffington Post decided to increase traffic to their page by sharing a snippet from SA’s show. You’re welcome, Huff Post.

He’s a successful standup comedian. You know that. He’s an internet sensation. You know that too. He’s a proud Madrasi. If you didn’t know that, are you sure you caught his Amazon Prime show yet? What you likely didn’t know though is that he’s also a qualified filmmaker. Consider yourself warned, lest he suddenly burst onto the Tamil cinema scene with a film, and you say, “I was not ready da.”


I Was Not Ready Da - US Tour

I Was Not Ready Da - Malaysia

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